This is not a site. This is a dumping ground for my crap.

Sentai Rangers

Join Sentai Rangers (sentairangers.com) as Colton Clayton, Jose Cuevas, and I cover the Power Rangers Universe, from Mighty Morphin' to Samurai, from Jason to Jayden. Join us as we delve into the familiar world of the Power Rangers as well as the unfamiliar universe of the Japanese Super Sentai. Along the way, we're joined by our Japanese expert Anthony Vega and Anthony Bishop. But mostly, check out the podcast.
The Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps (thegreenlanterncorps.com) is a website created by Washingtonian Andrew Modeen, who operates and maintains it with assistance from myself and Brandan West. The associated CorpsCast podcast is co-hosted and edited by myself, along with Andrew, Brandan, Colton Clayton, Eric Cahill, Frankie Mateo, and Karen Bing.

Podcast for a Rain Delay

Podcast for a Rain Delay (raindelaypodcast.com) is a baseball podcast with a Cardinals slant. Join me and Nick Appelbaum as we take a trip around the world of baseball a couple of times a week with a bit of an eye pointed directly at our home team in St. Louis. We try to stay impartial. We're not very good at it.
Real View Mirror

Real View Mirror (realviewmirror.com) is a podcast about media and media consumption. Every few weeks, Jose Cuevas and I (as well as a rotating panel of guest hosts) discuss the media we've been consuming and the recurring themes therein. It's far more fun than it sounds.

My YouTube page
This is honestly just a dumping ground for all the videos I've made. Some are good, but most of them are pretty bad. Enjoy my crap!
Watchtower Studios
Watchtower Studios produced "abridged series," short 6-10 minute comedic versions of successful cartoons. Current projects include Justice Leage: The Abridged Series (where I edit and play Martian Manhunter and the Flash), Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series (where I co-write, edit, and play Terry McGinnis akaBatman), and Young Justice: The Abridged Series (Where I co-write, edit, and play Robin, Kid Flash.)

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My Tumblr
It's a tumblog. I usually reblog cool stuff. I also make cool graphics sometimes.

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